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Friend's off broadway cast on couch

FRIENDS! The Musical Parody is the unauthorized comedic musical that lovingly pokes fun at TV’s Friends, celebrating the adventures of your favorite group of 20-somethings as they navigate the pitfalls of work, life and love in 1990s Manhattan. It’s a typical day at New York’s only coffee shop, Central Perk, until an unexpected runaway bride bursts in and kicks the whole gang out of second gear! The musical recreates favorite moments from all 10 seasons of Friends through an uncensored, fast-paced, music-filled romp. The show is recommended for audiences aged 13+.  


The Theater Center has been home to off-Broadway theatre, acting classes, and artists’ event spaces. It is accessible via the elevator at the 50th Street entrance. All of our theaters and studios are wheelchair accessible. Both theaters are outfitted with RF Assistive Listening device transmitters. Please let us know at the Box Office or ask a theater representative if you require a receiver or any additional assistance. For more information, click Here.

The Jerry Orbach Theater, named for the actor from Law & Order and the Broadway stage, hosted a long-running revival of The Fantasticks, the world’s longest-running musical. Orbach was an original cast member of The Fantasticks. Now playing in the Jerry Orbach Theater is The Office! A Musical Parody, and Friends! The Musical Parody keeping audiences on their toes while paying homage to the popular sitcoms.

decorative friends doodles
decorative friends doodles
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